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Thai Trade Center, Jakarta (DITP) (c) 2012


Thailand Creative Week 2012 @ Central Park Mall

Thai Trade Center, Jakarta, DITP jointly organized for the second year with Central Park Mall for Thai theme event titled "Thailand Creative Week 2012". The event was organized from 12 - 16 September 2012 at Laguna and Terra Atrium. The event featured DEmark product showcase, Thai designer product display, selected Thai designers, manufacturers and producers of fashion, accessories, jewelries, gift and decorative products and Thai Select restaurants.

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Thailand Creative Week 2012 Overview

Opening Ceremony Showcase

Akara Fashion Showcase

Cutie Berry & Cutie Room Fashion Showcase

How Many T-Shirts Fashion Showcase

Anuroj Handpaint Fashion Showcase

Yod Yoko Fashion Showcase

Soulezz Denim Fashion Showcase

ISMC Fashion Showcase

Ratirat Fashion Showcase