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To be eligible for certification, restaurants must meet the following criteria:

1. Restaurant must have been in operation at least six months prior to the date of application

2. At least 60 percent of dishes offered on the menu must be authentic Thai cuisine and the cooking methods must be the same or very similar to those in Thailand

3. Head chefs may be either Thai or other nationalities. In case of non-Thai Head Chefs, the chefs must produce proof of at least a 2-year experience in cooking Thai foods or possess a Thai cuisine training certificate from an accredited institution




1. Complete the application form and prepare accompanying documents.

2. Submit new application along with accompanying documents at the nearest Thai Trade Center — a branch of the Department of Export Promotion (DITP). (see for contact information or more information on Thai Trade Center)

3. Application is then assessed by a committee of qualified representatives from the DITP (please note that all Thai Trade Center are a part of the DITP). At this stage, the Thailand Trade Office will also visit the applicant’s restaurant without any prior notification, and evaluate the dining experience.

4. Assessment results are then submitted to the Committee for consideration.

5. Should the Committee find that the restaurant is eligible to receive the Thai Select or the Thai Select Premium certificate, it will inform the DITP Director-General of the verdict.

6. The Director-General then awards the appropriate Thai Select certificate to the restaurant.

7. Thai Select and Thai Select Premium logos and certificates are valid for three years from when they are first given or renewed. These can be renewed at the same Thai Trade Center when first applied.



Documents Used for Application “Thai Select” 

1. Copy of Certificate of Business Registration

2.Copy of Certificate of Hygiene from Local Authority

3. Interior/ Exterior Restaurant Photos

4. 3 Photos of Recommended Menu

5. Map of Restaurant Location

6. Copy of Menu

7. Copy of Thai Cuisine Training Certificate

8. Copy of Raw Material Purchasing Order or Inspection Report By representative of Overseas Committee (If any)

9. PR / Marketing Promotion Plan (If any)

10. Example of Ad. / Promotion Material / Website (If any)

11. Copy of Award Certificate (If any)


** Incase of Renewal Please Show Previous Thai Select Logo**