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The Prime Minister's Export Award is the highest official tribute presented to Thailand's outstanding exporters in recognition of the high standards and quality of their products and services as well as their contributions to the Thai economy. The award is presented annually in five categories - Best Exporter, Thai-Owned Brand, Design Excellence (DEmark), Best Service Provider and OTOP Export Recognition - aims to encourage Thai exporters to seek global acknowledgement of their brands and to raise the quality of their products and services to the highest international standards.



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THAILAND TRUST MARK is a Symbol that enhances the value of the products since it endorses only selected high-quality products from Thailand. It opens up greater marketing opportunities for the manufacturers as well as builds trust among consumers because every single product bearing this mark needs to pass reliable product standards and international standards of quality.

When consumers use any product endorsed with the Thailand Trust Mark, they will realize its value and quality delivered to them and that leads to a good impression of the product bearing this mark, resulting in marketing advantages for the manufacturers along with successes in sales, not only in Thailand but also to the worldwide market.

The THAILAND TRUST MARK is endorsed by the Royal Thai Government, through the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, product bearing this logo will not only command greater respect from potential customers around the world, but also benefit from increased business opportunities brought together by the worldwide network of importers and exporters that comes with the TTM.


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The Thai Select logo is a mark of certification that guarantees the authenticity of Thai restaurants and Thai food products that have been prepared ith proper ingredients and spices in the traditiona Thai style of cooking. Thai Select is divided into two categories i.e. Restaurants; Thai Select / Thai Select   Premium and Food Products;  Thai Select Thai Food.


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The Design Excellence Award (DEmark) is Thailand's most prestigious award given in recognition to outstanding Thai-designed products. Organization of DEmark awards is a joint cooperation between the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) to help in the selection of award winners in five categories - Furniture, Lifestyle Products, Fashion, Industrial Products and Packaging.


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OTOP stands for 'One Tambon One Product' which is a program to promote products made by local artisans with skills and craftsmanship that have been passed down from generation to generation. OTOP creates jobs and raise income and better living.

DITP helps in developing the designs and quality to perfectly suit to modern lifestyles. We also create opportunities to link to their potential buyers through new channels at the international market through world-class quality and design.


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The Thai Hom Mali Rice award to given to rice exporters to be placed on their packaging to recognise that the rice has met stringent quality control to ensure that consumers that purchase the rice is buying true Thai Hom Mali rice. Thai Hom Mali rice is defined as containing not less than 92.0 percent of Thai Hom Mali Rice, having a moisture content not exceeding 14%, having the general characteristics of a long grain rice with naturally little chalk, does not contain any live insects, having the kernel sizes wth average length of the whole kernel without any broken part is not less than 7.0 mm.


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The Department of International Trade Promotions's website has been re-engineered to become Thailand's ultimate sourcing destination and premie B2B online marketplace for experienced Thai exporters and their quality products and services.

The DITP has created the site to assist international buyers in sourcing Thai products and conducting with Thai exporters through the medium of rapid intenet transactions. Buyers can trust in the integrity of the site as all sellers must meet strict Ministry of Commerce criteria and be verified by DITP approval board in order to have their companies listed on the site database.


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